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We're a full-scale event production company

We execute audio, visual and other technology services for businesses hosting conferences, meetings, and special events. We provide CAD diagrams, equipment, labor, and all other technical elements to execute an amazing event. 


At the core, we communicate a client's message to an audience. With our tailored process, we help event planners recapture time that would otherwise be lost by having to micromanage a typical event. 

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Step 1

Setting Objectives

We start with a description of your audience, the type of event, and the goals for the event overall.  


Step 2

Action Plan

We take over planning, crafting diagrams, and creating an action plan for event execution.

Step 3

Event Execution

The goal is to be fully autonomous in setup, day-to-day operations, and breakdown for the event. 

Step 4

Event Debrief

After the event, we have a full debrief to discuss and feedback and areas for improvement. 


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